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You're too cute for folding chairs.

YEAH! rentals is a LA-based furniture and props rental house specializing in indoor / outdoor mid century modern, industrial & cosmic desert design. From a simple dinner party to a multi-day event for hundreds of people, we will keep you looking SHARP.

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A Brief Treatise on Event Furniture

by Michael Antonia (founder of Yeah! Rentals)

Rugs add color and comfort, but also make you look smarter, and at least 2 inches taller. A beautiful bar, highboys (without that weird spandex skirt), and cafe tables, will make your guests feel like they’re sitting in a stylish bar, not in a conference room "beverage consumption area.” Lounge furniture will give your space a vibe, and if you add alcohol, they're great for making out. Throws and pillows show that you care. Games are a fun way to give your guests with two left feet something to do all night. Chairs are just great. We highly suggest renting chairs; they're the best! Hardwood dining tables mean you do not need linens. Linens are made to hide ugly tables. Linens are expensive. Beautiful hardwood dining tables > ugly tables. Side tables & accessories are like the dessert of event rentals - you don't need dessert but it makes everything more fun, and the older guests just love dessert, I mean side tables... wait, what am I even talking about here?

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Absolutely love Yeah! Rentals.
We rented tables, chairs, carpets and a few lounge chairs. They made the venue so much more ‘us’ and relaxed, in a way that regular rental just don’t do. Super attentive and friendly. I’d highly recommend them.
— Christina D
We used Yeah! Rentals for our wedding and the furniture/service was awesome! It allowed us to create a look that felt personalized and relaxed. We had so many people say how lovely the lounge areas and the whole atmosphere was.
— Katie T
Not only are the pieces completely unique and always a focal point at wedding receptions, but the team at Yeah! Rentals is the absolute best to work with. They always deliver and pick up promptly on the day of the event. Tiffany helps immensely with pre-planning leading up to the event. She’s prompt at making revisions to orders and sending over invoices efficiently.

Fo reals, folks go crazy over their stuff. So fun. They will definitely make your event bad ass.
— Kate H

VISIT OUR SHOWROOM (and you can rent it for a party if you like)

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It’s an event space. It’s a showroom. It’s confusing; we know! But, if you visit, we will be really nice to you, and explain the whole thing! Sign up for our mailing list to be in the know about events on its website (yes, our building has a website).



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